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109 Minutes

Thurs,Fri,Mon,Tue,Wed 10.30am,1.00pm,6.45pm,8.45pm.
Sat,Sun 1.00pm,3.20pm,6.45pm,8.45pm.

(3 Oscar Nominations) A group of women decide to take on Fox News head Roger Ailes and the toxic atmosphere he presided over at the network. Starring: Charlize Theron,Nicole Kidman,Margot Robbie,John Lithgow, Allison Janney. Director: Jay Roach

Jojo Rabbit

108 Minutes

Thurs,Fri,Mon,Tue,Wed 10.30am,6.45pm.
Sat,Sun 1.00pm,6.45pm.

(6 Oscar Nominations) A young boy in Hitler's army finds out his mother is hiding a Jewish girl in their home. Starring:Taika Waititi, Scarlett Johansson, Roman Griffin Davis, Thomasin McKenzie Director:Taika Waititi.


119 Minutes

Thurs,Fri,Mon,Tue,Wed 10.30am,12.50pm,7.00pm,8.45pm.
Sat,Sun 1.15pm,3.30pm,7.00pm,8.45pm.

(Golden Globe Winner - Director & Drama Picture plus 10 Oscar Nom’s) Two young British privates during WW1 are given an impossible mission: deliver a message deep in enemy territory that will stop 1,600 men, and one of the soldier's brothers, from walking straight into a deadly trap. Starring: Benedict Cumerbatch, Richard Madden, Andrew Scott, Colin Firth. Director: Sam Mendes.

The Gentlemen

113 Minutes

Thurs,Fri,Mon,Tue,Wed 10.30am,12.35pm,6.45pm.
Sat,Sun 1.00pm,3.10pm,6.45pm.

A very British drug lord tries to sell off his highly profitable empire to a dynasty of Oklahoma billionaires. Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Michelle Dockery, Charlie Hunnam, Colin Farrell. Director: Guy Ritchie

Little Women

135 Minutes

Thurs,Fri,Mon,Tue,Wed 10.30am,12.30pm,7.10pm.
Sat,Sun 12.45pm,3.00pm,7.10pm.

(6 Oscar Nominations) Four sisters come of age in America in the aftermath of the Civil War. Starring:Saoirse Ronan,Emma Watson,Florence Pugh,Timothee Chalamet,Meryl Streep. Director:Greta Gerwig

Knives Out

130 Minutes

Thurs,Fri,Mon,Tue,Wed 10.30am,7.00pm.
Sat,Sun 1.15pm,7.00pm.

(1 Oscar Nomination) A detective investigates the death of a patriarch of an eccentric, combative family. Starring:Daniel Craig,Christopher Plummer,Jamie Lee Curtis,Chris Evans,Toni Collette. Director:Rian Johnson


110 Minutes

Thurs,Fri,Mon,Tue,Wed 12.50pm
Sat,Sun 3.35pm

A tribe of cats called the Jellicles must decide yearly which one will ascend to the Heaviside Layer and come back to a new Jellicle life. (Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical makes its silver screen debut, with additional songs by A.L.W. and Taylor Swift). Starring: Dame Judi Dench, Taylor Swift, Idris Elba, Jennifer Hudson, Rebel Wilson. Director: Tom Hooper.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

142 Minutes

Thurs,Fri,Mon,Tue,Wed 12.30pm
Sat,Sun 3.00pm

(3 Oscar Nominations) The surviving Resistance faces the First Order once more in the final chapter of the Skywalker saga. Starring: Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, Billie Lourd, Oscar Isaac, John Boyega. Director: J.J. Abrams.